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For us to have the ability to urge honest casinos to our customers, we will need to know everything about them.

That is why we’ve established a group of 14 full-time casino reviewers who work solely on collecting all the available information regarding online casinos and assessing them accordingly.

Pushing Safe and Fair Play

Attempting to change online gambling for the greater

Just making Pig’n Fiddle a fair and safe place isn’t enough. That is why we are persuading other businesses and websites to act in accordance with our honest gambling codex.

If we see players being treated unfairly or manipulated by dishonest casinos, we step in and push those casinos to make things better.

Reputation Ratings NOT For Sale

Freedom and honesty above all

We believe our reviews will need to be independent if we want to help everyone who comes to our website to pick the best online casino for themselves.

That’s why they’re not influenced by anything other than the best judgment, knowledge and analytical skills of our casino inspection team.

Informing Rather than Promoting

Just the facts

Our objective is not to encourage people to gamble but to provide our customers with the best possible information. This mindset is present in everything we do, say, write and create.